Jill Guntur


A special thanks to Kyra Chantel-Kay Rossier and Photography by Jessica Noelle for use of their photographs

Jill Guntur is a Hudson Valley Artist and Writer.  Jill Guntur’s Sacred Art or “Prayer Drawings” are a unique form of art with intricate design, rich with meaning.  Author of “I am a Promise: a practical guide to the soul’s journey”

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I grew up in the Southwest steeped in Native Culture.  The beautiful lands of Nevada, Arizona and Colorado have certainly flavored my expression and experience of life.  It has offered a unique approach to my artwork.

Almost Eighteen years ago, I pulled up stake in the Southwest and moved to lush Hudson Valley of New York. 

I am the author of I am a Promise: a Practical Guide to the Soul’s Journey 

I am an artist.  I have been creating symbolic/sacred artwork most of my life!

I invite you to take in my sacred artwork or some of my writing. 

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Artist & Author

A Musical Tour of my Artwork!