Sacred Artwork  By Jill Guntur


A special Note of Gratitude:

In order to create digital files for art prints, you need to either scan your artwork or have access to an extremely talented photographer with a camera capable of 300dpi.  I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank Jessica Noelle  for her time and her talent in helping me with my projects.  I would not be able to offer prints of my sacred artwork without her digital files!

As a photographer, Jessica is incredible.  She creates the most soulful portraits of weddings, family, friends, expecting parents, babies and more.  I knew she would treat my baby with the same diligence and respect.

To view her work, just go to Jessica Noelle

          Prints are available online.

                          click here:

Through the use of symbols, I create unique forms of artwork I call “Prayer Drawings”.  Vibrant and intricate, each piece is created in colored pencil.

Just to note:  All artwork displayed here is copyright protected material of Jill Guntur  It is not to be copied or reproduced without the written and notarized authorization of the artist.

Jill Guntur is an artist in the Hudson Valley New York.  Her Unique form of artwork is original and stunning.  Jill Guntur’s artwork can be commissioned.  To exhibit Jill Guntur’s artwork, contact the artist.

To book a show or commission an original piece contact me!

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